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Building Your Case With A Proactive Perspective

Attorney Michael C. Tanner has worked as a full-service defense attorney since 1998, and his 24 years in the legal field form the bedrock of our firm. We also have years of experience working for plaintiffs – which enables us to examine your case from the opposing counsel’s perspective, anticipate their strategy and develop a proactive approach to your case. The ability to approach legal matters from all angles makes Michael C. Tanner, L.L.C., a unique source of guidance and solutions in your defense matters.

Versatile, Adaptable Attorneys

We defend physicians, nurses and other medical professionals who have been charged with medical malpractice. In addition, we handle a wide variety of legal matters, including:

  • Probate law: If a family member or loved one has passed away, we can help to handle their estate, ensure that their creditors are paid and that their assets are distributed properly.
  • Will drafting and execution: We can help to draft a valid will to ensure that your loved ones are cared for and your wishes are met in regard to the distribution of assets after your passing.
  • Trust formation: When you are considering options for providing for your loved ones after your death, we can help you explore and form trusts to protect and distribute your property.
  • Social Security conflicts: If you suffer from a physical injury, mental illness or medical condition that prevents you from earning an income, we may be able to help you secure Social Security Disability support.
  • Real estate closings: If you are handling a real estate closing or a title issue, we can guide you through this complex process and work to protect the best interests of you or your business.

Questions? Concerns? Turn To Us For Answers

Don’t face a complicated legal issue alone. We offer a free initial consultation to learn about the details of your situation so we can address the unique issues involved. Should we take your case, we will work with you to form a strategy that addresses your needs and goals. To speak with an attorney, call 803-956-9947 or complete our online form and schedule a free consultation.